Paradise Valley Community College connection

In 2010 I began taking classes at Paradise Valley Community College.  I was a part-time student and a full-time stay-at-home mom.  As my son became older, I was able to invest more time in getting to know the PVCC campus better.

I enjoyed taking electives while completing my general education classes.  Electives and education courses gave me the opportunity to develop relationships.

It took me four semesters to find my way into journalism. In the Spring 2012 semester, I took my first JRN course, News Production.  I was slow to begin writing for the campus newspaper, The Puma Press, but I gained momentum along the way.

Writing was hard work, especially learning to write news articles.  They seem easier to me now, but then I felt more overwhelmed instead of confident.  There was so much to learn, and I suppose being an adult reentry student posed more challenges than less; especially, I found learning to live in the digital age challenging.

However, two years later, I am more skilled, confident and experienced in writing and making multimedia projects.

I am appreciative of the PVCC community.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am on the far right. This was a fun picture taken at Paradise Valley Community College at the end of the Spring 2014 semester. A few of us from Club Ed were attending the PVCC student awards event, so we posed for a group shot. On the left are my friends Caitlyn Soppe and Kelly Schwab, and in the middle are the two education program faculty advisors, Harriet Betts and Meggin Kirk.

A few of my Puma Press friends at the PVCC Puma Student Choice Awards.10295275_10151993549995887_7909655012490469395_o From left to right: Jasmine Barber, Karyn Black, Nikki Charnstrom, Eric Paul Johnson, me and Scott Scott Shumaker in the front row trying to fit all of us in a selfie. I love hanging out with these journalism people!


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