my first published article – April 2012

Three PVCC students win UNM arts contest

In Albuquerque, New Mexico at the 2012 Western Regional Honors Council Conference, the prestigious publication of Scribendi will debut this April, and three accomplished PVCC honor students will be formally recognized at a reception.

Isabel Santana, Geremy Cites, and Ryan Borys will be awarded $250 each for their works of art at the “Between Earth and Sky: Imagining the Future” event. “Scribendi” — an annual, national art and literary publication produced at the University of New Mexico— celebrates work from undergraduate students in honors programs from a 13-state western region of the United States. The Western Regional Honors Council consists of more than 220 participating colleges. This year, from 53 of these colleges, Scribendi received over 540 student works. A blind jury narrowed down these works to the best 54 pieces for publication; those with the most quality elements in artistic expression.

Isabel Santana, PVCC student and poetry winner, was excited to hear that she was chosen. In her junior and senior years of high school, a few of her writings had been published district wide, she said. Being published in “Scribendi” has continued her writing success.

“Being published before was rewarding, but this experience gives me another way to meet college students who also write and share the same passion,” said Santana.

Santana says she creates her poems in a reflective calm. She has to wait for everything to settle down before she can process her emotions and views.

“Poetry helps me release my inner feelings,” Santana revealed.

When artist and PVCC student, Geremy Cites, was asked about the best part of winning, he said, “For me personally, I think it’s the feeling I get like a week after, when the excitement has fizzled down. This is when I realize I did something with my art. All through the process of making some piece, I fend off uncertainty, something like, is this worth my time? I know it is when I find out I trusted myself to submit my efforts.”

Cites says he constantly challenges himself to see what he can and can’t do. His muse is his competitive nature.

“I never played sports, but I constantly want to make something better, more original,” he says.

For photographer and PVCC student, Ryan Borys, the most satisfying part of being selected was the challenging nature of winning.

“They only select 10 percent of all the submissions for the whole magazine making the selections per category very low so it is a pretty big deal,” he says.

Borys says he is inspired by the process of making a final product.

“The world in general, taking a typical every day event or thing that people see every day, and creating an image that is more interesting and more beautiful… being able to capture an instant in time in a beautiful and different point of view is why I love photography,” says Borys.

Borys will be transferring to NAU for photography as well as academics.

On April 11th, Sherry Adams, PVCC Honors Program director; John Douglas, future Honors Program director; Rikki Shannon, Honor’s Program adviser, along with Santana, Cites, and Borys will drive together to Albuquerque, New Mexico to attend the three day conference.


Santana’s poem titled
“Mi Veneno Favorito/
My Favorite Venom”
will be published in the
University of New Mexico’s
literacy publication
April 2012 edition.
Isabel Santana poses for a picture outside of the Paradise Valley Community College’s administrative building.



Inside a labyrinth
Full of nonsense words
And problems with no answers
There is a beat that awakes
My senses and accepts
Blindly my destiny
Because of weakness
I tie up my liberty
And roam through a maze of no return
Without life or reason
Because of weakness, I accept
Disappointments and betrayals
And I forgive because I tend to forget
The pain I went through
And its not because I’m nice
It’s because of weakness
The same one that paralyzes me
And take me to you.

geremycites graphicart
Geremy Cites posing for a picture inside the Kranitz Student Center at PVCC. Cites’ work “Overgrowth” won in the UNM contest for  graphic  design.
ryanborys photography
Ryan Borys posing for a picture at PVCC. Borys won in the photography section for his artwork, “Tonto.”

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