Fancy shawl dancer Aitana Jones



Glendale Community College’s students, staff and faculty awaiting the unique Native American fused cuisine from the Emerson Fry Bread mobile restaurant.

GCC Native American Student Association
brings fancy shawl dancer to campus

At ten in the morning, the Emerson Fry Bread mobile food truck slowly made its way along Glendale Community College’s paved sidewalks stopping at the Center Mall on Thursday, Nov. 20 to help celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

GCC students, staff and faculty were able to order specialized Native American fused cuisine from the food trucks’ menu throughout the morning and early afternoon.

At 11:30 a.m. the Native American Student Association (NASA) began its event. NASA member Charis Holiday, GCC freshman, introduced Rock Point, AZ resident and 13-year Native American dancer Aitana Jones.

Jones performed four Native American traditional dances: Straight Dance with freestyle butterfly movements; Crow Hop resembling a hopping crow through Navajo land; Double Beat with intricate feet shuffling; and Round Dance which celebrates life.

“As students heard the music they came over,” Student Service Specialist Isabel Conchos said.


GCC freshman Karina Teran said that the butterfly dance with its unique beauty was her favorite.

“The music added a nice spiritual quality to the very interesting performance,” GCC senior Azzi Saadi said.

The program ran for a half hour.

Peter Chacon, NASA member and GCC senior, ran games and awarded prices following the event.

GCC freshman Giselle Mercado and David Truong said the ring toss was very challenging.

GCC Sophmores Malika Murphy, Dionte Maswell, Diondre Moore-Young and Marcus McCollum tried the bean bag toss, several times.

Chacon “was generous in allowing multiple plays and awarding prizes for good efforts,” Murphy said.


NASA President Alicia Navejar ended the ceremony by appreciating student participation and contributions. She blessed Jones with a gift from NASA.


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