The World of Digital Multimedia

In the 2012 Fall semester, this web space was created.

I was in a Monday evening literature class, Tolkien and Lewis Battling Postmodernism.

I felt like a very old dog trying to learn new tricks – I wasn’t exactly excited about writing my class assignments as a blog.

Without me paying much attention, technology had rapidly grown up into a genius teenager.  The prodigy child was now everywhere, and doing things the old way was no longer an option.  So, kicking and wining, my homework began pulling me into the digital lifestyle.

This week, I have returned to this almost forgotten blog spot to transform it into a new beginning, a developing portfolio.

Even though I am more technologically capable and confident today, (the younger generation doesn’t leave me behind as much) I don’t feel ‘grown-up’ enough to complete this. I feel more like the teenager, not an engenius one, in need of more experience and time before stepping into ‘professional life.’